Ep. 71: Mitochondria and Mind-Body Healing

February 23, 2018

This week we go deep into the scientific weeds and learn all about mitochondria, the power plants of the cells. Did you know you need to buy $60 supplements to make full use out of the little guys? Thankfully GOOP sets us straight. We also discuss boring breakfast recipes, placebo effects, glove compartment essentials, eucolyptus oil dangers, and The Four Tendencies. If you are looking for the official GOOP podcast, it doesn't exist yet so listen to ours instead!


Ep. 70: Meditation and Mushrooms

February 18, 2018

On this week's Goop Yourself we discuss an insane alternative private school in Brooklyn, a hot concealer Aggie can't stop thinking about, and why breathing for 90 seconds might save all of our lives. We disagree about the merits of shredding root vegetables, but come together to denounce the idea of mushrooms in hot cocoa. Please tell your friends about the show and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Asante!


Ep. 69: The Anti-Valentine’s Day Depression Spectacular

February 9, 2018

Goop goes dark on this holiday for lovers - publishing articles on coparenting after divorce, ending friendships, and relationship advice from dead people. We also discuss Galentine's day cocktails, Jen Gunter's In Goop Health field trip, $600 peasant skirts, Megan's nighttime routine, and John Legend's chicken wings. Plus, Gwyneth sings for us! Please tell your goopy friends about our pod and rate and review us on Apple Pod. Gamsahamnida!


Ep. 68: Vegan Thoughts and Broccoli Tots

February 2, 2018

This week Bryan calls in from Lake Tahoe, where he feels lost without Gwyneth's travel recommendations. You're failing us G-Spotting! Aggie and Bryan discuss veganism, PMS shaming, diet myths, morning routines, and tater tots made out of broccoli! Also, GOOP finally discovers Lady Bird, Planet Earth II, and RX Bars. What is this, October? Please rate us 5 stars and review us on Apple Podcasts. Halleloo!


Ep. 67: Crystals, Cuddling, and Colbert

January 26, 2018

Before diving into the newsletters, we talk frankly about the national tragedy that was Gwyneth's appearance on the The Late Show last night. It was shocking and sad for everyone involved. Then it’s on to crystal water bottles, basic coffee mugs, allergic children, and Jenna Lyons's inappropriate nudity. Please rate and review us five stars on Apple Podcasts. 


Ep. 66: Special Magazine Pod (Sex & Love Edition)

January 22, 2018

We come to you on a Monday morning for an extra pod dissecting the GOOP Magazine Sex & Love issue (the one where Brad Falchuck shares the cover with his goopy betrothed, some jeans and a couple of plain white tees.) We discuss love potions, seduction recipes, vagina flowers, and the dark cloud of gloom that is Esther Perel. Save your $14.99 get all your goop magazine needs met right here. Ashwaghanda!


Ep. 65: Gwyneth Palchuck

January 19, 2018

This week goop's hitting the bong pretty hard. There's an incomprehensible article about THE HUMAN MIND and a riveting story about Jean going to a sound bath in the Hamptons. Plus, we think Gwyneth might have been indoctrinated into a cult run by her soon to be sister-in-law. Time will tell. We also discuss cheap wine, pink jumpsuits, napa cabbage recipes, and Scientology aprons. The Goop Magazine Issue 2 pod will drop on Monday! God bless.


Ep. 64: Engagements and Enemas

January 12, 2018

We're back!! After a winter hiatus, Aggie and Bryan return with a double length pod to talk about all the goop news you missed over the New Year. We discuss Gwyneth's engagement, detox options, flame retardants, cheek tints, and happiness diets. Yes, we also (briefly) discuss the coffee enema. Please rate us five stars and review us on Apple Podcasts. Auld Lang Syne!


Ep. 63: A Star Is Born

December 15, 2017

On what might be Aggie and Bryan's final pod before the Christmas break, we discuss hangover relief options, a guide to Orange County, $400 travel dresses, dreams of Malibu, and a truly insane last minute gift guide. But the week belongs to goop's new Senior Beauty Editor, Megan, who publishes her morning routine and shoots to the top of our list of all time goop icons. Follow us on insta @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod. Feliz Navidad!


Ep. 62: I Love You Goopy

December 8, 2017

The goop newsletters are extremely abbreviated and disappointing so Aggie and Bryan review this fall's two hottest movies, Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel" and Louis C.K.'s "I Love You Daddy." We do finally get to goop, touching down on modeling with your children, Hannukah recipes, martinis, pops of color, and sad smoothies. Follow us on insta @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod. Blessings!