Ep. 88: Fertility and Fellini

June 23, 2018

Getting pregnant is hard but goop has all the answers. That's right, it's time for goop's fertility issue and Aggie and Bryan would rather talk about anything else. So we discuss alternative fertility methods and egg freezing but also Staub dutch ovens, Italian cinema, and vegan pimento cheese. Plus, an update on Bryan and Aggie's cannabis and vodka adventures. You know things are really bad when goop posts a charity link so please donate if you can. https://goop.com/work/civics/how-you-can-help-immigrant-children/ 


Ep. 87: Summer Solstice and CBD

June 15, 2018

After a quick recap of In Goop Health (the FOMO didn't hit as hard as we thought) we give updates on diet, drinking, and summer reading. Then we dive into the newsletters, discussing Summer Solstice astrology, Barry (or Phil's) appearance on the Goop podcast, scary Hamptons ladies, meal prep sauce fantasies, outdated travel guides, and goop's inevitable expansion into fancy white people cannabis.


Ep. 86: Goop Glow Unboxing

June 9, 2018

For the second year in a row, Aggie and Bryan were not invited to In Goop Health, but it's ok because we scored some Goop Glow and we're drinking it live on the pod. We then launch into the news - discussing nipple balm, cotton bowl covers, post natal depletion, zuo yuezi, low alcohol cocktails, and a face massager that might be a sex toy.


Ep. 85: Raw Tarts and Reiki

June 1, 2018

This week's intense newsletter puts a spotlight on a variety of eating disorders, covering everything from binge eating to orthorexia. But Aggie and Bryan decide to focus on the sunny side of goop, discussing Bravolebrity reiki masters, a tragic raw summer tart, vegan Big Macs, fancy LA salons, a Dr. Taz update, $300 indoor trees, and Megan's awesome wedding pics. This pod has been brought to you by Vitamin B12 and DayQuil Liquicaps.


Ep. 84: Consciousness Beats and Literary Treats

May 25, 2018

After spending the first several minutes of our podcast defending mayonnaise, we dip into the newsletters, exploring consiousness and manifesting our power. We also touch on secret office psychics, local vegan restaurants, $40 scrunchies, a huge goop sale, and a summer reading list. Warning: This podcast is speculative but promising.


Ep. 83: Savvy Chicks and a Forest Fix

May 18, 2018

After another illuminating diet and health powwow, Aggie and Bryan discuss the goop newsletters, touching on Forest Bathing, Power Types, Spring Feasts, Narcissistic Parenting, and Fish CSAs! Plus, we get our first one star review. We're fine with it. We're totally fine.


Ep. 82: Spaghetti Sauce and Sleep Aids

May 11, 2018

After last week's jarring, disturbing sex issue, goop is back doing what it does best: crazy diets, untested medicine, and useless travel guides. Aggie and Bryan open with a glimpse into their own health journeys and then talk about the latest newsletters, touching on autoimmune diets, California roadtrips, erotic chicken parm, sketchy sleep aid potions, working from home, bubbly negronis, and Gwyneth's newest face oil. It's a jam packed Goop Yourself, enjoy!


Ep. 81: The Unsexiest Sex Book (NSFW)

May 4, 2018

It's that time of year we here at Goop Yourself dread - the annual goop sex issue! This time they wrote a book and published it right in time for Mother's Day for some reason. If you're not throwing up yet, listen to Aggie and Bryan talk about long term relationship sex, casual dating sex, sexual addiction, sex retreats, and dildos and buttplugs galore. 


Ep. 80: Blythe Danner and BPA

April 27, 2018

This week goop came out with its "Financial Issue," which is very triggering to both Aggie and Bryan, so the less said about it the better. We try to distract ourselves from our money woes with more Mother's Day gift guides (cbd chocolates and cheap jewelery!), rich kids doing Adderall, dirty rose perfume, BPA plastic scares, and an explosive interview with GP's mother, actress Blythe Danner. 


Ep. 79: Mother’s Day and Margaritas

April 20, 2018

Congratulations to Aggie who has finally finished her month of Whole 30! Congratulations also to Bryan who has read most of Steven Gundry's indefensible "The Plant Paradox" without lighting himself on fire. We discuss both personal journeys before launching into the newsletter. This week's topics include a daffy Mother's Day gift guide for eccentric billionaires, an earnest kids' screentime strategy, a less than sexy Gwyneth margarita video, and updates from Megan, Jean, and Anne. Peace and love.