Ep. 52: We Believe In Everything

September 22, 2017

This week's goop is all about dead people - talking to them, understanding them, and becoming them yourself. Aggie and Bryan go though the ringer (mediums, near death experiences, psychics) and realize we believe it all, every word of it. Thanks goop! We also touch on fancy baths, at home workouts, and pyramid scheme charities. EDIT: APPARENTLY A GHOST IS HAUNTING US - PLEASE EXCUSE THE SOUND ISSUES ON THIS EPISODE. IT GETS BETTER AT ABOUT 16 MINUTES. WE'LL TRY TO FIX IF POSSIBLE! Please follow us on insta @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts. See you later!


Ep. 51: Magazine Bonanza Bonus Episode

September 19, 2017

We get deep into Goop Magazine Issue One Fall 2017. It's a real paper object that you can flip through! We talk Bento Boxes, Racist Travel To India, Cool Fonts, Kitchen Healers, Reiki, Grief Getaways, and more. Follow us on insta @goopyourself and on twitter @goopyourselfpod. God is good!!!


Ep. 50: Goop Yourself Diamond Jubilee!!!

September 15, 2017

Guys, we made it to episode 50! This week we celebrate ourselves, as well as Goop's magazine launch and expansion into retail. We talk Vitamin C, poop samples, Lake Tahoe, face brushing, and mini trampolines you bring to work! Plus diet updates and Canadian reviews. Please follow us on inst @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod. Thanks, eh!!


Ep. 49: A Twist of Lyme

September 8, 2017

This week goop is all about Chronic Lyme Disease. You know, that dehabilitating condition caused by tick bites that may or may not exist. GP and co. give us advice from a sextet of doctors who recommend everything from antibiotics to controlled vomiting and bloodletting. There's also talk of denim trenchcoats, $100 acne masques, and terrible parental advice. Plus, Aggie & Bryan give their diet updates and celebrate the imminent launch of goop's glossy magazine. Please follow us @goopyourself on insta and @goopyourselfpod on twitter. Gomawo!


Ep. 48: Colonoscopies and Cockroach Milk

September 1, 2017

While the TINA investigation is still in full force, Gwyneth fiddles while goop burns and tries to distract us with tons of content and podcast appearances. We discuss alternative animal milks, expensive acne treatment, colonoscopy prep, parties in the Hamptons, and trends in denim! We also have an intermittent fasting update and read your reviews live! Keep those 5 stars coming, and follow us on insta @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod. Dank je! 


Ep. 47: What’s TINA Got To Do With It?

August 25, 2017

It's been a HUGE week in the Goopiverse. TINA (Truth In Advertising) is recommending Goop to be investigated for harmful and illegal health claims. Can you believe it? Unfortunately, this means the newsletters will be a snooze for the foreseeable future (no more Yoni eggs or earthing.) Aggie and Bryan catch you up on the latest legal news, discuss their fasting strategies, and guide you through a field of avocados, denim, and nontoxic bug spray. Remember to follow on insta @goopyourself, twitter @goopyourselfpod, and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Спасибо!


Ep. 46: Gwyneth’s Two Top Tools

August 18, 2017

This week's goop is all about Barry & Phil, two old shrinks who may or may not have sex with each other. They devised "The Tools," tricks that will help you defeat "Part X" and live your best life. Sounds boring? It is! Luckily Aggie & Bryan dive deep into their first fast day, Grace & Frankie, and 90s diet gurus. Thanks for rating and reviewing us on Apple Podcasts, our beloved tomatoes!


Ep. 45: Spirit Animals and Bedroom Manuals

August 16, 2017

After another hiatus, Aggie & Bryan are back to catch you up on all things Goop! We discuss spirit animals, childhood sex hangups, liquid eyeliner, and fun salads. We're also way too excited about Apple Ivanka Martin's foray into gluten-free pizza recommendations. Bryan reports back from his brief but goopy sojurn in Reykjavic, and both he and Aggie have a big diet announcement to make. If you like the show, please rate us 5 stars in Apple Podcasts. Pakka pér fyrir!


Ep. 44: You’re Masturbating Like An Asshole

July 28, 2017

Cover the kids' ears for this one! The goop newsletter is all about desire this week, and GP gets into it. She tells you how to have sex with your partner, a rando, or all by your lonesome. Don't forget to breathe and journal! Bryan and Aggie disagree on if straight men and women can be friends and the pleasures of a Boca burger, but they do agree on one thing, tunics are great! Be sure to rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and follow us @goopyourself on insta and @goopyourselfpod on twitter. Arigato!


Ep. 43: Upskirt Shots and Salad Thoughts

July 22, 2017

Aggie & Bryan go on a journey today, touching on everything from cutting edge 80s salads to the literary canon of YA horror author Christopher Pike. We also discuss female anatomy again, so sorry. What is this podcast even about? Oh yeah, Goop. We go into the continuing saga of Gunter V. Paltrow, a new travel guide format, and another winning tip from Ask Jean. Follow us on insta @goopyourself and twitter @goopyourselfpod, and rate us 5 big ones on Apple Podcasts. Gracias!