Bonus Mother and Vintner’s Daughter

March 22, 2019

This week we discuss the poster for Gwyneth's new Netflix show "The Politician," Aggie's continuing cannabis adventures, and Bryan's ongoing stew obsession. Then we dive into the newsletters - covering color blocking, bonus parents, botanical vodkas, pore protocol, a hellish sounding In Goop Health, urinary incontinence, and a brand new product from our favorite fancy serum.  

Food Journals and French Bread Pizza

March 15, 2019

We have a deep conversation about Gwyneth's continuing relationship to Marvel movies and Aggie's possible pothead conversion before discussing this week's newsletters. We touch on an expensive back massager, a simple skincare routine, high/low pizza, women on the go, and a new Keto doctor.

Modifying Genes and Old Navy Jeans

March 8, 2019

Aggie's desperate to start a diet but is sticking to her guns, Bryan's reintroducing lentils to his diet after the trauma of the Four Hour Body, and Gwyneth is manspreading and renouncing her acting career in the New York Times. After a roundup of the "news" we discuss the week's newsletters. We talk about the endless GMO debate, astrology for self-acceptance, a $400 Tata Harper serum, how goop is good for female entrepreneurs, how Old Navy is saving feminism, a new way to breathe, and why French drugstore products are better than "natural" skincare. 

Clean Meat and Christian Lingerie

March 2, 2019

Special guest Amber Petty (The Masked Podcast) joins Aggie and Bryan to share her own diet journey and dissect the latest Goop newsletters. We talk evangelical underwear, luxury vape pens, the latest from Barry Michaels (RIP Phil?), Gwyneth's après ski counter suit, a hairbrush primer, alkaline water, meat grown in labs, and the launch of Goop's vitamin chews!

Ep. 118: Soul Mates and Shirt Dresses

February 22, 2019

There's a lot of Gwyneth gossip this week - we run down her exit from Marvel, fights with Weinstein, and her appearance at Jennifer Aniston's 50th. Then we talk about this week's newsletters, discussing Aggie's skin care crisis, the concept of Twin Flames, harissa meatball soup, $700 shirt dresses, CBN (the new CBD), Jean's floral scent, and Bryan's mind-gut connection.  

Ep. 117: Detox for Heartache and Diastasis Recti

February 15, 2019

We talk about Aggie's post-Valentine's Day hangover, Bryan's purple energy drinks, and a Goopy parsnip soup before discussing a delightful week of newsletters. We cover post-breakup detoxes, screen time apologists, goop condoms, clean shampoo, Cabo vacations, and the new Ralph Nader. 

Ep. 116: Gold Bars and Gwyneth TV

February 8, 2019

We discuss the breaking Netflix/Goop news before talking about this week's newsletters. We cover vibrating gold bars for your face, sobriety stories, the return of the Toxic Avenger, astrological sex therapy, oil cleansers, chickpeas for breakfast, Ayurvedic anti-depressants, and if this is the end of Goop Magazine? EDIT: This was recorded minutes before the MAGAZINE REFUND email went out.

Ep. 115: Ski Accidents and Sustainability

February 1, 2019

There's a lot of Goop news this week. We discuss the "hit-and-run" lawsuit against Gwyneth, her interview with presidential trashfire Howard Schultz, and the NYTimes viral stew before plunging in to the newsletters. We also talk natural lipstick, self-tanner, corporate mentorship, chronic pain, sustainability for rich kids, flower shops, and compost bins.

Ep. 114: Meatloaf and Metal Straws

January 25, 2019

Aggie and Bryan chat about our wildly inconsistent diet and exercise routines before discussing the latest newsletters. We go over the Gwyneth/Antoni meatloaf duel, Jean's $45 moisturizing bar, workplace accessories, the overuse of "paradigm," how metal straws are the new donabes, if Aggie should join a wine club, and can you replace a crippling heroin addiction with CBD.

Ep. 113: Goop Poop and a Goop Scoop

January 18, 2019

We get an anonymous tip about the true origins of Goop Wellness Vitamins before plunging into the newsletters. We talk face oil cleanser combos, Marie Kondo - goop style, fecal transplants, skeptical numerology, carrot soup, GP's pre-wedding face regimen, and traumatic identity.